High-Quality Seat Heater and Lumbar Support

Make Yourself Comfortable With Heated Seats and Adjustable Lumbar Supports

Be more comfortable in your vehicle! Protect your comfort and your health by turning to the experts in seat heaters and adjustable lumbar supports. Our heated seats start at just $300 each, and you can get them in just about any vehicle. You can also enjoy the protection of our 12-month WARRANTY!

Be Cozier in the Winter

Get great seat heaters, and never fear the weather! Call us today and ask for a FREE quote. You'll love working with the owner-operated team at Lions Automotive Upholstery.
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Is Your Back Hurting You?

You shouldn't have to deal with backaches every time you take a drive. Fight back by turning to us for adjustable lumbar supports! Put your health first on the road.
Ask us about mechanical and pneumatic options, and gain adjustable comfort for your car, truck, SUV, or commercial fleet. You'll get great work every time!

Customized Auto Seats

Get an auto seat that's tailored to your unique shape and posture! Team up with the experts who boast 20 years of industry experience, and you'll be able to create a seat that's perfectly suited to you.
Add padding almost anywhere, without altering the original look of your vehicle's interior! It's easy when you turn to us.
Call us today for a
FREE quote!

Lions Automotive Upholstery is trusted by many local dealerships. Turn to us for more knowledgeable and experienced professionals for your auto upholstery needs. We're very exact in our standards!

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